NOW Classrooms Grades 9-12: Lessons for Enhancing Teaching and Learning Through Technology by Meg Ormiston

“Sometimes it’s overwhelming. Sometimes you have no idea where to start. NOW Classrooms is an enjoyable place to start. The authors of this book — teachers themselves — understand this and write directly for teachers trying to meet the needs of their 21-century students in a holistic way.”

How Writing Shapes Thinking: A Study of Teaching and Learning by Judith A. Langer and Arthur N. Applebee

“Unfortunately, even thirty-five years after the research came out, it’s not typical to see students writing unless they are in English or social science class. Creating a school culture of writing still hasn’t caught fire. But it needs to.”

The Opposite of Hate by Sally Kohn

“I like the thought of my students becoming global citizens who can have a rational conversation with anyone — even people who have radically different beliefs than them. I like the idea that my students can be safer in the world if we all start connecting rather than hating.”

Hacking the Writing Workshop: Redesign with Making in Mind by Angela Stockman

“You are continuously thinking about how to capitalize on the wealth of creativity in the raw material that is our students. Focus on helping them unleash that creativity and hone their future-ready skills, and you will create such a workshop whether you have the 3D printer or not.”